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General Fencing - NHSS 2A

CD Fencing & Construction Services Ltd General Fencing Division design, supply and install various fencing systems all over the UK.

We assist clients with any design requirements and bespoke features. Our services are offered to many different organisations ranging from small repairs, Railway contracts, Highway Maintenance, Schools, Hospitals to Sports complex’s and any other Commercial Institute or Domestic enquiry as required. 

With a range of heights and colours to suit any application as well as choices from Timber, Steel or Concrete posts, we would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements.

Matching gates of any size are available on all specifications, from a simple pedestrian gate to a large vehicle access gate.

Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss any requirements that you have.

All timber products are FSC certified.


Our Services


General Fencing

General Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2A


Safety Fencing

Safety Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2B


Environmental Barriers

Environmental Barriers -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2C


Traffic Management

Traffic Management -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 12A/B, C and D


Draughting Services

Draughting Services


Specialist Vehicle

Vehicle & Plant Hire