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Safety Fencing - NHSS 2B

CD Fencing & Construction Services Ltd  was founded on its service to rapidly respond to each clients' individual requirements.

•  assist in the design and installation of numerous Containment systems.
•  carry out advance testing works on foundations and anchorages.
•  carry out inspection works to existing installations and provide reports of  
   condition and recommendations.
•  retension safety fences
•  customise our response in order to meet our clients' obligations to their
•  provide all resources to suit the emergency in the time period agreed in
   the contract.
•  carry a large stock of Containment system components which normally
   covers most crash repairs.
•  liaise closely with our supply chain to make sure they keep an adequate
   stock of materials.

Open Box Beam The systems we can design and install are:

ABC Terminal             Aluminium VGAN           Armco 

BarrierGuard 800    Flexbeam MASS

Nature Rail     Open Box Beam     QuadGuard

P4 Terminal X-Tension    Quest      Steel Parapets

RHS Tension Corrugated Beam TAU Crash Cushion

 Vetex   Wire Rope


Our Services


General Fencing

General Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2A


Safety Fencing

Safety Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2B


Environmental Barriers

Environmental Barriers -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2C


Traffic Management

Traffic Management -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 12A/B, C and D


Draughting Services

Draughting Services


Specialist Vehicle

Vehicle & Plant Hire