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Traffic Management - NHSS 12A & B, C & 12D

We design and implement closures for static temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways including on-line widening schemes. We can also design, install, maintain and remove temporary traffic management on rural urban roads. 

 The services we offer are:-

  • Design and consultation service for Temporary Traffic Management requirements
  • Static lane closures on high speed dual carriageways and motorways.
  • Contraflows, Tidal Contraflows, and “Narrow Lane” schemes.
  • Road Closures and Diversion Route Signing.
  • Portable traffic light systems, 2 way and multi phase.
  • Stop and Go traffic control systems.
  • Convoy Systems.
  • TSCO (Traffic Safety and Control Officer) services.

All works are carried out by trained operatives and are fully compliant with National Highways Sector Schemes 12A/B, 12C, 12D and the Good Working Practice Guide.


Our Services


General Fencing

General Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2A


Safety Fencing

Safety Fencing -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2B


Environmental Barriers

Environmental Barriers -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 2C


Traffic Management

Traffic Management -

National Highways Sector Scheme Document 12A/B, C and D


Draughting Services

Draughting Services


Specialist Vehicle

Vehicle & Plant Hire