Asset Inspections

Qualified VRS inspectors available to survey, assess and report on the state of the existing asset and any other  issues found which, may effect or imped asset performance.

Able to produce fully detailed reports with itemised defects, complete with referenced photographs specific to each defect and overall failings.

Locations and layouts are referenced to the relevant highway marker-posts or chainage-markers, where present on the highway.

Reports based upon direct comparison between the inspection results and the highway design standards that may have applied at the time of the installation of the existing asset, or were considered relevant for safety reasons.

Report can include schematic representations of the asset layout showing locations of corrosion to the asset’s beams & posts. This can very useful to provide “at-a-glance” analysis with the overseeing highway authority to determine where the asset may require attention in the short term. Ideal for budget planning and for cyclical up-grades.