Our Services – NHSS 2B/5B, 10B

CD Fencing & Construction Services Ltd was founded on its service to rapidly respond to each clients’ individual requirements.

Some of the solutions we can offer are:-

  • Assist in the design and installation of numerous Containment systems.
  • Carry out advanced testing works on foundations and anchorages.
  • Carry out inspection works to existing installations and provide reports of condition and recommendations.
  • Retension safety fences
  • Customise our response in order to meet our clients’ obligations to their contracts.
  • Provide all resources to suit the emergency in the time period agreed in the contract.
  • Carry a large stock of Containment system components which normally covers most crash repairs.
  •  Liaise closely with our supply chain to make sure they keep an adequate stock of materials.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Our Workforce are trained and experienced in the following Proprietary and Non-Proprietary systems:

Non-Proprietary Systems:

  • Single Sided Open Box Beam.
  • Double Sided Open Box Beam.
  • Single Sided Tensioned Corrugated Beam.
  • Double Sided Tensioned Corrugated Beam.
  • Double Rail Open Box Beam.
  • Rectangular Hollow Section Beam.

Proprietary Systems:

Tata Systems:

  • Vetex Barrier System.
  • Protect 365 System.

Highway Care Systems:

  • Xtension P4 terminals.
  • Tau Crash Cushions.
  • Tertu / NatureRail.
  • Barrierguard 800

Saferoads Systems:

  • Megarail / Megaguard
  • SafeEnd

Proprietary Systems:

Hill & Smith Systems:

  • Flexbeam Barrier System.
  • Flexbeam Plus Barrier System.
  • Brifen Wire Rope System.
  • ABC P4 Terminals.
  • Quadguard Crash Cushions.
  • Quest Cushion
  • Vecustop Cushion
  • Varioguard (Sologuard Gate)


  • Concrete.