Our Services

Vehicle Restraint Systems / Safety Fencing

We are specialists in Highway Safety Barrier Systems. We have a diverse range of products we can offer including  proprietary & non- proprietary crash barriers , wire rope and more. Click here to find out how we can help you.

Environmental Noise Barriers

Noise is a growing concern for people and the environment so demand for specialised acoustic fencing to propagate or attenuate noise has increased immensely over the last decade. We can supply and install acoustic fencing to manage noise nuisance. Click for more information.

General Fencing

Ranging from timber post & rail boundary fences, metal railings, high security palisade and mesh systems, site hoarding and wildlife fencing. We can offer a solution to any boundary or security issues. Speak to us or click here to find out how we can protect your assets.

Asset Inspections

We have a team of trained highways inspectors who are available to discuss, inspect and report on potential issues with all the services we offer. If you require professional services or have a safety concern, then get in touch to see how we can help.

Off Road Vehicle Restraint Systems / Safety Fencing

Do you have a car park, yard or off-road space that requires protection? We can supply, install and advise on a range of suitable off-road systems. These are perfect for low impact, low speed areas that have vehicle access.



Our years of experience and knowledge gained from working in the safety barrier and fencing field is invaluable if you need help pre-construction, we would be more than happy to discuss and help with ECI and design solutions. By including a specialist at an early stage, you will secure savings and avoid downstream construction issues.

Traffic Management

We provide specialist Traffic Management services on both high speed and rural roads which can include major schemes, lane closures, MLC’s, diversions, traffic lights and more.  We are NHSS 12A,B,C&D certified and are more than happy to discuss and plan your requirements.


We supply, install and maintain a range of high specification vehicle parapets for protecting people and structures.  Products we offer are fully compliant with EN1317  and provide enhanced levels of containment to limit the danger caused by errant vehicles.

Specialist Vehicle and Plant Hire

Equipped with our own fleet, we offer short or long term hire of specialist vehicles and equipment to meet your needs. We keep barrier rigs, excavators, specialist tracked post driving equipment (Orteco) and traffic management vehicles including IPV and more. Click here or get in touch to discuss our current fleet list.